Wednesday, August 20, 2008


FALL OFFICIALLY STARTS September 22nd, but this tree at my job's property decided to get an early start!

The nights temps are dropping and the quality of light is already changing. Joe was wondering if it was just him or that it was that chilly last night! Fall is definitely coming on strong especially at TJMaxx and ACMoore. I'm not ready to retire my flip flops for the season yet but on the other hand, I am looking forward to another New England's brilliant fall display.


Brenda Kula said...

I would LOVE to see New England in the fall with your lovely foliage I've heard so much about!

Meg said...

I don't want summer to end! &&it was cold last night!

Nance said...

Our trees here in upstate NY are the same thing, Connie ... they are starting to change color.

Judy said...

I bet New England is very pretty in the fall. Our leaves haven't started changing yet but the evenings are getting cooler so that quilt feels good in the early mornings.

Lara said...

yup, we woke up earlier this week (5 AM) and it was so dark, and the light came much later... autumn is coming :(

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I LOVE FALL!!! August is my least favorite month in CA due to the roasting temps and dry, dry air. Luckily we have an anniversary and my hubby's birthday to keep us celebrating despite the heat. I delight in the return of chilliness and the promise of rain now and again. Lydia was born on the first day of fall so we start off the season with another celebration! : )

Our county looks as beautiful as New England when all the leaves turn -- we are touted as the "close" New England alternative. I have planted oodles of glorious color-producing trees. Fall, fall, how I do love FALL!

Hope you and Joey enjoy some yummy soup on these delightfully chilly nights. Throw on an extra sweater and sip that soup under the waning summer sky; snuggle in extra close and watch the sun set. Catch it with a kiss. ; )

My deck is complete today (minus the railings). HOORAY! You can bet I'll be eating out of doors tonight to watch the sunset as I dine slowly.

EnJOY, sweet friend. XO

Stephanie said...

I just saw some leaves on the ground the other day, and there is a definite chill in the air. I love fall!

Your new furniture is wonderful. How exciting!

Take Care,


Mari said...

It's been chilly today, here in Southern California, but the hot temps I'm sure will be back soon.

I'm not giving up my sandals and flip flops yet, either. We'll have more warm weather here.

Enjoy the summer while it's still around.