Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Radiation Day @ Dana Farber, BOSTON, MA - April 15, 2008

PLEASE PRAY OR light candles for Joey that his remaining days would be nothing but COMFORTABLE ones. To this day, the poor guy just couldn't get comfy, no matter what! Dana Farber declared him cleared from esophageal cancer in June and unfortunately, in July the cancer spread through his stomach.

It breaks my heart tremendously that this 43 year old guy who never smokes nor drinks would die from this horrible disease.

Just hang in there, BIG GUY!

Monday, October 13, 2008


WE'VE BEEN HAVING gorgeous autumn days in RI... in fact, it's been pretty above normal at this time of the year. I am enjoying it immensely and so does Joe. We spent our Sunday afternoon fishing (again) at Carbunkle Pond. The 30-minute scenic ride really took a lot out of him but he had a great time. Eventually, his body will let him know that it has enough but that's going to be between him and THE GUY UP THERE. For now, we'll take it one day at a time. And thank you, my dear friends, for all of your support and prayers.

I've been approved to be off from work till the end of the month. Being away from work has helped me tremendously to cope and to embrace this life-changing event that's been dealt to us. The first few weeks had been so hard for me as crying was the only thing I could do. I am doing fine each day. I thought it's time for a "SHOW & TELL" of my Halloween decorating...

My 4-Season Tree... I had this tree decorated with Christmas ornaments last year and I just never got the chance to put it away...

I found these Halloween blown glass ornaments at Pier1 Imports - just perfect for my vintage-inspired Halloween tree... aren't they so cute?

Copies of vintage Halloween postcards with glitter and crepe paper...

You can print your own vintage Halloween images from HERE...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


BACK IN SEPTEMBER, I participated on a Vintage Halloween Swap which was hosted by Heidi Ann @ FOXGLOVES,FABRIC AND FOLLY. This was my first time and I had so much fun and will definitely do it again in the future. Heidi is currently hosting a Vintage Christmas Swap, if you're interested - you're all welcome to participate.

My partner Holly, sent me a lovely package of Halloween goodies which she made herself. Thanks a bunch, Holly! I love them all and they'll be added to my ever-growing collection of Halloween stuff.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I WRITE THIS in the quiet of my bedroom, Italian classic is softly playing on the computer, the older cat is sleeping in the bed, the little kitty is enjoying the morning sun in the dining room, and Joe is in the couch trying to get some decent sleep. All is tranquil, peaceful and I'm ready to face the day with a smile. Today is going to be another gorgeous and sunny autumn day with a temp in the lower 70's.

Joe's older brother Bob and his family came over yesterday for another visit. With each visit, it is "fishing day" for the boys. We headed to Carbunkle Pond which was quiet a ride, especially for Joe, but it was all worth it. We were surrounded with nothing but nature and the air just smelled so fresh out there.

Early Autumn @ Carbunkle Pond, Coventry, RI

We stayed till dusk and it was such another memorable day for all of us!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


HERE COMES THE sun...finally! We've had continuous heavy rain since Friday and when Joe enthusiastically announced that it's sunny out, I frantically grabbed my camera to pay one of the two stiff neighbors (AKA cemeteries) a visit. This would be my second time around in this place since we bought our property in 2002! To me, cemeteries always equals zombie movies...weird thoughts, I know!

Anyways, I'm thrilled to be sharing this particular tree from this historical cemetery (located just right next to my property) for the very first time as New England's annual parade of autumn colors steps off. It's still early in the season, but the colors of autumn are coming on strong here in Little Rhody. We are expecting approximate peak color dates around the third week of October just in time for the Columbus weekend. Some people may never travel to here and see the greatest show in New England... so, in some way, what I shoot, provides a chance for you, my sweet friends, to experience a New England fall trip.

More splashes of tangerine and gold from this tree, and on a trip to southern Rhode Island last weekend, I saw richer fall color than I anticipated with the calendar still displaying September. The five-day rains sent a few leaves tumbling to the ground, but most trees still sport full crowns. I've heard more showers in the forecast coming our way...sigh...not a good weather recipe for a great autumn display. I am very hopeful, though, that it's going to be a great one this year!

On the other hand, Joe's pain level is now somewhat controlled. The hospice nurses are really awesome in taking care of all his needs. He's actually fishing right now with his brother John. He'll see a local oncologist next week for more opinion as he's having difficulty AGAIN digesting food (the very same problem before he had his chemo). He's back to juicing (mainly carrots, an apple and a few spinach leaves)and that seems to go down OKAY. And yours truly, decided to take some time off from work for a couple of weeks to spend more time with Joe and to blow the cobwebs away. I will have sessions of REIKI/Healing therapy pretty soon complements by the Hospice of RI. I never had one before so I'm excited about that! Has anyone tried REIKI before? Please share your experience...

P.S. Thanks to everyone who participated on my little poll. AUTUMN took the gold, followed by Spring then Summer and then Winter. That was fun!.